Ex-Libris Library Book - Printy 4638 Stamp


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Ex-Libris Library Book - Printy 4638 Stamp

Original Printy 4.0 – The round stamp range of the climate-neutral family gets a high-quality addition in the form of the Printy 4638 with a diameter of 38 mm, including all the great Printy 4.0 features! Simple and easy to transport with a practical protective cap, which is available on request. The Trodat Printy 4638 ex-libris self-inking stamp features a simple and book design with the choice to add your own curved text. Lightweight, yet durable, the compact stamp comes with its own closing cap helping to keep it neatly stored with no mess, so perfect for keeping on your desk or in a drawer. An imprint size of 38 mm is an ideal size to mark books with your custom wording and book image as well as providing 1000's of impressions, so you can start your own library. When the ink finally begins to fade, replacement ink pads, 6/4638, can be bought to extend the use of your stamp. The colour choices include black, red, blue, green and violet.

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