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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Do I need to invert or mirror my design for the production of a stamp?

It is important that you upload your design as normal on our stamp designer. We invert all stamps in batches when engraving them. Inverting the design before upload may cause you to have a stamp incorrectly mirrored. 


Will my design be the full size of the stamp area?

We make all stamps to the full size of the stamp size ordered unless a specific size is added in the order comments section at the checkout. 

Please note we can only make them within the proportion of your image. So if you select a 50mm x 30mm stamp for instance and your design is 50mm x 25mm then we will make the design 50mm x 25mm without stretching the image out of proportion.


What do the sizes mean?

The sizes listed on our website will be the maximum size of your impression. We then make the base a few millimetres bigger to accommodate this.


Why is there a red border when I upload an image?

The red border represents the shape and scale of your chosen custom stamp. This red line will not be part of the stamp design and is for reference purposes only. 


I need a specific size stamp, how do I request this?

Although we have many sizes to choose from on-site, there are occasions when you may require an exact size stamp for your purpose. 

If this is the case please find the closest matching size on our site and continue with your order as normal. Once you get to the checkout page, please enter a note in the order comments section highlighted below: 


Does my image need to be black and white?

If you have a version of your logo in black and white that's perfect, most colour logos we can convert into a monotone image for use as a rubber stamp for you as long as there is enough definition between light and dark colours. 

Our online stamp designer should give you an accurate representation of how your stamp will look, but if you are unhappy with the results please email your logo to us as we can manually adjust it for you and send you proof via email. 

email us. 


Which part of my logo will be the stamped part?

As a general rule, we work on negative and positive rules for artwork. All black/dark areas of your logo will be the part that is stamped. 

If we feel your design will need to be inverted to produce a decent quality stamp, then we will do this automatically for you once we process the order. 

If you specifically need this inverted please leave a comment at the checkout or email us for assistance at


Will my design come with a border?

We only create stamps with a border if your logo already has one included, or if the ‘add border’ is selected in the design options. 


Can I have both an image and text on a stamp?

Yes, of course, all our stamps ( apart from the really small ones) are fully customisable to include both logos and text


My image appears blurry on the preview, will it be made that way?

There are a few reasons why your image is blurry on our preview. The most common reason is that the resolution of the image is not high enough so it is always best to upload an image 300dpi or more. 

Sometimes our site has heavy traffic with multiple customers uploading images at the same time when this happens we do reduce bandwidth in order for all our customers on-site to be able to smoothly use our site and this may reduce the quality of the on-screen preview. 

This will not affect your uploaded logo and as long as it is a high-quality image, we will use the uploaded design you supplied and not the onscreen preview. 

If you have concerns please email us your logo or design and we can send you a proof before ordering. 


I can not see a preview of my design on the stamp designer?

There could be a few reasons for this as follows.

Reason 1: Please make sure you have uploaded your design to the correct image uploader.  

For instance, if you are uploading an eps file please make sure you are using the vector upload option and not the upload image uploader. Jpeg and PNG images require a different uploader for the online design to read these files. 

Reason 2: the online stamp designer can only read dark colours. So any light colours may not show up on the online designer. If this is the case please email us your design to and we will convert this for you free to charge.


Uploading a stamp to online stamp deisgner

As shown above please use the first upload option for the following files: PNG, JPEG & JPG files. 

Please use the bottom upload option for EPS, PDF and SVG files. 

If you have done the above and the image is still not showing, please email us at with a copy of the file or you can click on the chat bar, so we can assist you. 


How do I know if my image is good enough to make into a stamp?

In general, as long as the image is 300dpi or more then normally it will be good enough to convert into a custom rubber stamp for you. 

It is always best to send us the highest quality artwork you have rather than a version that you have scaled down to size, as we can always scale the size down on our end.

Our online stamp designer will provide you with an online preview of what the stamp will look like when converted onto a stamp. Please review the image and make sure you're happy with it. This is especially important when your design has colour and it is converted by our software in a monotone impression. If your image is black already ( or very dark) more often than not it will be perfect already for us to convert easily into a stamp for you.  

If your image is not black and has layers of colours our stamp designer will remove any light colours and convert it into a monotone image. If the design is not showing you a preview that suits your requirements please email us at with the file or click on the chat button to discuss the design with a member of staff. 

There are occasions when the computer-based system can not achieve the desired effect but our expert team can manually adjust the file for you.

97% of orders placed via the website go out without any issue at all, all designs are checked 

when ordering by our design team to make sure they are good enough to make into a stamp and if they are not we will email or call you to explain what we need to produce the stamp for you. 




Do you offer discounts on large volumes?

We do yes, please contact us with your requirements to, or call us on 0333 577 4433 (Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm).


Postage times

Postage is free on all orders over £35.  All products are made and shipped within the timeframe specified in the table below. However, during some busy periods, it can take a little longer. As 95% of the products are custom made to order.

If your order is urgent, we do offer priority postage options, these are: 

  • DHL Next DAY (Mon - Fri *Excluding Bank Holidays)
  • RM Special Delivery (Mon - Fri *Excluding Bank Holidays) 
  • Orders below £35.00 incur a postage charge of £4.50


Special item products like Bespoke Printing, Embossers, Wax Seals and Clay Stamps will take longer, as they require more time to manufacture. 

We can not offer a refund for the next day delivery option. If selected after 12pm, next day delivery will still send it, but the following day.


Turnaround times by products:  


Products From entry to exit (days)
Rubber Stamps (acrylic with wooden handles) 4
Oak Stamps 4
Self Inking Stamps 3
Clay Stamps 4
XL Premium Stamps and Rocker Stamps 4
Embossers 5

Royal Ambassador, Vintage Style, Consular, Iron Notary & Gold Seal


Wax Seals



Stickers 5
Window Stickers or Decals 5


* Customer Note: During the festive period, delays may be likely due to high demand and also delays with couriers. If your order is urgent or you need a product by a certain time, please let us know in advance. More often than not, we will always try to accommodate you. 


I need my stamp urgently

We offer a next day delivery service on all orders placed before 12 pm. There are items that are exempt from next day delivery, these items are: Premium XL stamps, Rocker stamps, wax seals, and deep engrave Delrin clay stamps. These products take many hours to make and are not possible to make in a day. They will be sent however on a priority service for you. 


Can I use my own font?

Although we have a wide range of fonts to choose from, there will be times you may wish to use your own font especially if it is brand-related. 

If this is the case please create your desired stamp using a 3rd party software like Word ( exported to pdf) Corel draw, photoshop, illustrator or any other software that will allow you to export a PDF file. 

Once you have this you can simply upload the PDF to our stamp designer.  

As always if you need help and can not create this on your own, email our friendly design team who are always happy to help. Contact us 


Can I collect my stamp?

Of course, all our manufacturing is produced from our Paisley branch, please call or email us to arrange a collection. 


What size stamp is best for me?

We have a wide range of stamp sizes on the website, these are all size guidelines and we custom make all our stamps in house.

We advise measuring the area of the surface you’ll be stamping on to and selecting the best size match from our website. If a specific size is needed, just order the closest size from the website and add a note in the order comments section at the checkout. 


I can't create my stamp the way I want it on the stamp designer

If you struggle with placement or get the design you want by using our online stamp designer please email us your requirements at and our expert team can put the design together for you and send you a proof with your requirements. 


I am unsure if my design will work as a stamp?

We can convert approx 95% of logos into stamps, our engravers are top of the range and will pick up very fine detailing and we will always contact you if there is ever an issue with your design.

If you’re still unsure however please contact us with your design at and we are happy to check that for you




Do rubber stamps come with ink pads?

Only our stamp kits come with an ink pad, otherwise, all our ink pads are sold separately. 

Our rubber stamps are used for so many different things that one ink pad does not meet all requirements.  


How long do self-inking stamps last?

Self-inking stamps last for approx two thousand impressions and additional insert pads can then be purchased on our website. These can be found in the main menu bar under Ink pads & accessories.


Are your stamps made in the UK?

Yes, all our products are made in the UK. 95% of all products are made in house with the exception of some specialised products. 


What is the difference between a rubber stamp and self inking stamp?

Selfing inking stamps have an inbuilt pad, this means that no additional pads are required. Once you receive your stamp, you simply press it down onto paper and it will leave a perfect impression.  These are great for quick & repetitive stamping. 

Rubber stamps require a separate ink pad, but this also makes them more versatile. Being able to interchange ink pads depending on how you want to use them and the material you are stamping. We have a wide range of pads for marking paper, cloth, metal, plastic and more that are not available for standard self ink stamps. Rubber stamps also have a wider range of sizes. 


About our oak stamps

Our truly unique oaks can not be found anywhere else. They are made from oak that we source from various suppliers. 

A huge amount of work goes into drying the oak, cutting and shaping them to size to make a stunning looking oak stamp. Each stamp is unique with its natural grains and imperfections. 

In addition, our top of the range engravers carve your rubber that we mount onto the stamps. After assembly and quality checking, these are packed and ready to ship for you. 

When looked after, these stamps will last a lifetime and only look better with age. 


About our self inking stamps

We only sell self-inking stamps of the highest quality. Our suppliers for our self-inking stamps are the market leaders and we do not sell any cheaper brands to compromise quality for profit.  

In addition to this, our suppliers must meet our strict ethos as a company and all the self-inking stamps we sell are made from up to 75% recycled plastic. 


I have had a stamp before and it was blotchy.

We often come across new customers who have purchased stamps elsewhere and have been put off from purchasing another one again due to poor quality. 

Our stamps are very different, we have been making stamps for over 10 years and pride ourselves on moving with the times and using the latest and best technology as it comes available. Our top of range sophisticated engravers are leaps ahead of some other manufacturers dated technology. We back this up with a team of professional assemblers and designers to ensure a perfect stamp...and if we make a mistake we will always put it right. 


Will my stamp produce a clear print?

Our sophisticated engravers do set us apart from most other stamp suppliers. We always quality check and test your stamp before shipping it to ensure it is provided with a replica of the design you uploaded.

There are occasions out of our control that may affect the quality of your stamp such as stamping onto a glossy surface with standard endorsing ink, stamping with a 3rd party low-quality ink pad or stamping on an uneven or corrugated paper/card. 

If you do have a problem with your stamp please contact us as we will help you by recommending some solutions to quickly get great results.  


Will my stamp work on fabric?

To stamp on to fabric you will need one of our stamps with a handle combined with one of our versa craft ink pads for fabric.

You may also need to heat set the stamped impression after stamping onto fabric to make your design machine washable. 


Do self-inking stamps come with ink pads?

Yes all our self-inking stamps, no matter what make come with a built-in ink pad. The pads last approximately 2 thousand impressions before new ink pads are required. 

We sell replacement ink pads for all our self-inking stamps and they can be found in the ink pads & accessories section via the main menu bar. 


How long do ink pads last?

Approximately two thousand impressions if stored away from sunlight and a direct heat source such as a radiator.




How do I clean my rubber stamp?

How can you ensure your rubber stamps are kept in good condition and ready to use?


Rubber stamps are generally low-maintenance tools, requiring minimal effort to keep them in top condition. However, whether you're a seasoned user or new to rubber stamping, it's essential to know how to clean them to achieve crisp and neat impressions while avoiding ink contamination from previous uses. Proper cleaning also helps extend the life of your stamp.


Cleaning your rubber stamp is a matter of personal preference, and there are various methods available:

  • Stamp Cleaners are if you want to consider a specialist to ensure your stamp is as clean as possible. Rubber stamp suppliers and craft stores sell these in bottles. Pour the cleaner liquid into a bowl or cup, then use it to clean the stamps. Some cleaners come with a pad you can use.


  • Baby/Wet wipes are a great option for cleaning stamps and here at stampit, we use them ourselves after testing each stamp.It is important to remember that they will only be able to remove excess ink from the top of the stamp, they can't reach the crevices of the stamp like other cleaners can. Eco-friendly brands are also recommended.  


  • Soap and water are truly old-fashioned. Most standard inks can be washed off with a normal washing detergent. This can be combined with an old toothbrush to get into crevices more effectively.


If you want to take good care of your rubber stamp and ensure its longevity, there are some important tips to keep in mind. Firstly, avoid submerging or running the stamp under water, as this can damage the glue holding the foam and dye in place. Instead, tap the stamp on a scrap paper after use to remove any excess ink.

Additionally, it is crucial to avoid using cleaning products that contain alcohol, which can dry out and damage the stamp. Finally, ensure that the stamp is fully dried out before storing it away.

Caring for your rubber stamp shouldn't take too much time, but it is essential to do it properly to ensure it lasts. Follow these simple tips, and you can be sure that your rubber stamp will stand the test of time.