Ex-Libris Women Reading - Printy 4926 Stamp


Ex-Libris Women Reading - Printy 4926 Stamp

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Ex-Libris Women Reading - Printy 4926 Stamp

Create your own personalised ex-libris stamp to mark books with a customised design. Using the stylish and easy to use Printy 4926 stamp, your design will print effortlessly and consistently on your book. Ideal for the bookworm at home and school kids alike, this bookcase design will be customised with the name of choice at the bottom, so not only do you sign the book, but you have a wonderfully charming design to go with it. The self-inking stamp features an in-built ink pad that inks the rubber stamp each time it rotates back into the stamp. This clever design will provide 1000’s of impressions thanks to the laser engraved rubber ensuring fine and precise print every time. Clean and simple to use, the library book stamp is perfect for children marking their own school books or personal ones they love to read over and over again.

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