4911 Cloth Marking Ink Pad - Pack of 2 - Replacement


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4911 Cloth Marking Ink Pad - Pack of 2 - Replacement

These ink pads are designed for the Trodat Printy 4911 Clothing Marker Stamp, which is perfect for marking clothes, school uniforms, bags, pencil cases and more. We understand that busy parents need help organising their lives, so we made these ink pads easy to use and refill. Each package comes with two ink pads, so you'll have plenty on hand. Secure your future sanity and save yourself worries by ordering these ink pads today!

Our stamp pads are water-based, making them eco-friendly and free of toxic substances such as acid, formaldehyde and heavy metals. Continuous and everyday use doesn't cause them to dry out. Let's make your personalised impression clear and vibrant again.

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  • Ink designed for long-lasting use on clothes, bags, and more
  • Fits Trodat 4911
  • Eco-friendly, water-based and free of toxic substances
  • Easy to refill and install

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