Clay Potter Stamp - 40mm


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Clay Potter Stamp - 40mm

Our Clay Potter Stamps are the perfect addition for potters seeking to add a distinctive charm. 

Imagine the joy of your customers, feeling the unique texture of your pottery or marvelling at the intricate details on their favourite mug.

This stamp is built to last, made from super tough materials that guarantee flawless impressions every time. Manufactured from 40mm solid acrylic, our precise lazers ensure your design transfers with complete clarity. This versatile and adaptable clay stamp is perfect for a wide range of applications!

Take your pick between the stylish walnut handle or the timeless wooden block, then simply upload your logo or image, and we'll work our magic to create a stamp that's perfect for you and your business.

You decide how deep your stamp goes – fancy a subtle shallow imprint, around 1-2mm deep, or are you ready to make a statement with a deeper impression, hitting around 3-4mm? It's all up to you!

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a creative newbie, this clay stamp is a total game-changer for your artistic journey!

• Personalise your imprint designs up to 40mm 

• Engraving options include shallow and deep

• Quick heads up: Our stamp won't work as a rubber stamp and won't grab any ink

• Your design will be optimised to fit the size of the stamp, if you require a size adjustment please let us know

Image credit to @rhi_sparks on Instagram

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