Clay Potter Stamp - 30mm


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Clay Potter Stamp - 30mm

Our Clay Potter Stamps are the perfect addition for potters seeking to add a distinctive charm. 

Imagine the joy of your customers, feeling the unique texture of your pottery or marvelling at the intricate details on their favourite mug. Your stamp doesn’t need to be limited to traditional pottery; they find their place in the hands of soap makers or dough enthusiasts. 

Crafted from tough materials, this stamp is your go-to for flawless impressions, every single time! Manufactured from 8mm solid acrylic, our precise lazers ensure your design transfers with complete clarity. With a choice of a wooden handle or block, you'll feel like a pro as you stamp away.

Stamping on clay has never been easier! Leave your mark effortlessly with your own custom stamp, perfectly tailored to showcase your unique brand or design. Are you leaning towards a subtle, shallow imprint, around 1-2mm deep, or are you ready to make a statement with a deeper impression, hitting around 3-4mm? The decision is yours to make!

Up your pottery game with our Clay Potter Stamper and leave a lasting impression on all your creations!

• Personalise your imprint designs up to 30mm 

• Engraving options include shallow and deep

• Quick heads up: Our stamp won't work as a rubber stamp and won't grab any ink

 •Your design will be optimised to fit the size of the stamp, if you require a size adjustment please let us know

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