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4 Reasons Why Potters Need a Clay Stamp

Why should I be stamping on clay? 

Historically pottery marks have been used to stamp the manufacturer, origin, production dates and many other details of the ceramics. Factory names and trademarks were also common markings.

The industry has moved along significantly since this and many small business potters want to proudly mark their work as one of the final steps in their creative process. There are many ways in which you can mark your work such as printed, incised, painted, or impressed directly into the artwork.

There are 7 stages of clay from dry clay to glaze ware. It’s up to you which stage you prefer to stamp. Some people prefer to wait until the clay is leather hard as if it is too wet the stamp will stick to the clay, if it is too firm there may be cracking. 

In this blog, we'll dive into the wonderful world of stamps for clay and explain what they can do for you and your business.


• In the competitive pottery industry, standing out with your own signature style is key. Clay stamps offer an opportunity for personalisation, allowing artists to imprint their signature or logo. 

• Seeing this displayed creates a feeling of pride for ceramic artists, this not only brands their work but also adds a personal touch that customers love. You won’t get this from mass-produced high street products! 

Create Every Detail 

• You are in charge of how your pottery stamp /makers mark will look. Having your unique logo that matches your style on a stamp will strengthen your branding and give your work a more professional look.

• Think of your logo as an extension of your brand. Not only will it be stamped into your physical product, as you share your work on social media this ‘stamp’ will be instantly recognisable. 

Add Texture and Depth into your design

• Texture plays a crucial role in pottery, adding depth and interest to each piece. Clay stamps for pottery give your work a tactile quality that invites touch. This tactile appeal enhances the sensory experience.                    

• Stamps can introduce a variety of textures that may be difficult to replicate by hand giving you the opportunity to have a more complex design. Yes our stamps proudly display logos or key phrases but our stamps can be as diverse as your product offering. We will engrave exactly what you want on the stamp so if you want swirls, waves, even stipple effects, simply upload the image or design it online using our custom stamp designer. 

Efficiency Meets Creativity

• Clay stamps streamline the decorative process. Instead of painstakingly etching details by hand, you can press your chosen stamp into the clay, achieving flawless results every time. Efficiency is key when working on large orders or intricate pieces allowing you to increase your output and spend your time on other projects.

• Some potters prefer to have a few different variations and will switch up their stamp depending on the piece or what look they are going for.  A customised clay stamp allows you to do that at very little cost. 

Our Top Recommendations

Pick between a wooden block or walnut handle and your good to go. 

We offer shallow (1-2mm) and deep (3-4mm) engraving for you to choose from depending on your desired look. Here are some of our best sellers to help with your stampoingstamping journey: 

Handmade Pottery Mark Stamp | 20mm


Curved Text & Logo Clay Stamp - 30mm



So whether you are a ceramist or a potter the material you work with is paramount to your product offering. When it leaves your studio space, it deserves to be marked as your unique creation. 

It is more than your maker mark/logo or image but also a dependable means by which the manufacturers, origins, production dates and so many details of the ceramics may be identified. Make your mark in your creation with the help of a clay stamper. 

The team here at Stampit are happy to help with any questions you may have regarding designing your clay stamp. Chat to us via our online chat or email us at: hello@stampit.co.uk 

Remember we love nothing more than seeing our stamps in use so remember to tag us on social media @stampit.co.uk so we can reshare your work with our stamp community. 

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