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Your coffee is personal to you so why shouldn’t your branding be

At Stampit we offer a kit perfect for branding your coffee business 

A cup of coffee is what gets millions around the world up in the morning, whether it’s your own personal blend or from your favourite local coffee shop, one thing is for certain: coffee is universally love

The importance of branding your cup of joe

Presently, the UK coffee shop market is worth £15 billion a year. There’s a coffee shop on every street corner throughout the UK, with people getting territorial over their favourite coffee shop and countless debates ensuing online over the battle of Starbucks vs Costa, the people of the UK can get political over their cup of joe. Whether you’re into a corporate polished scene or hipster environment, there’s a coffee shop for you.

The clientele of your coffee shop can reflect the business itself depending on how you market yourself as a brand. We know through market research that the way a business is branded seriously impacts whether a customer will make a sale.  Strong branding for your business helps people naturally take note of it more than they would if there was none. A business without distinct branding won’t be as memorable to a customer. Brands can build long lasting customers relationships with distinct marketing and brand identity.

There’s a whole section of Instagram dedicated coffee posts, with consumers regularly snapping their coffee cups, promoting your business for free, so the more distinct branding the better. Customers work on a visual basis so having a recognisable logo is everything when establishing your independent coffee house.

How can Stampit help with your branding?

Here at Stampit we can help by offering kits such as our  Kit'. This kit is an ideal and cost effective way to help create an unforgettable brand identity. Mounted on extra thick foam to help with the curve of the cup. Simply choose a size of rubber stamp that fits your existing paper cups and upload your design/text as well as choosing from our wide range of permanent, water proof and fast drying ink colours. Sit back and then we’ll do the rest.

Stampit allows you to have flexibility with your branding, for a relatively low cost you can print on your existing cups, sleeves and bags. Choosing our stamp kit also means you can alternate your slogans and messaging when you want, fitting in with the theme of your brand at the time. Your business can also add a seasonal touch to your logo and message, for example a witches hat added at Halloween and Santa hat added at Christmas. These small touches, are things customers love and register, making your business stick out more in their mind.

Our ‘Coffee Cup-Rubber Stamp Kit’ allows you to have the freedom of choice and stamp as you go, rather than hoarding costly printed cups that you need to use up before switching logo or message. Another huge benefit to using our kit is that it is environmentally friendly, an important factor both to us and customers, especially in this current climate, as long as used with eco-friendly cups it means that they can be  completely recyclable.

We also offer a Coffee Cup Sleeve - Stamp Kit which is an affordable, yet extremely professional touch to your coffee shop paper takeaway cups. Branding does not have to cost hundreds of pounds, this simple solution will make your paper coffee cups stand out with your custom logo and text.

Why stop there what about adding your socials to your coffee cups or even takeaway bags, getting your customers to tag you in their latest cuppa will increase your social presence and get people hash tagging your coffee shop over the competition.

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