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What is best a Rubber stamp or Self Inking stamp?

Rubber stamps and self-inking stamps will both essentially give the same result on paper of your design, text or logo. There are times however when one is more appropriate over the other. For instance traditional rubber stamps utilise a separate ink pad giving amazing options to use thousands of different colours and specialised ink pads like glossy, metallic and fast drying inks ideal for branding boxes, craft projects and more


Self inking stamps on the other hand has the ink built-in. They usually come in 5 different colours black, blue, red green or violet.  While a self-inking stamp lessens the mess of ink getting all over your hands and your work surface, this makes them ideal for office use and when repetitive stamping is required. The great thing about self inking stamps is that they will leave an even impression every time without having to worry about the pressure you apply to get the desired result. They are also great for use by kids. You can imagine the clean-up should you allow them to use traditional rubber stamps and an ink pad! Self Ink stamps sold by Stampit.co.uk are completely water based inks non-toxic and safe on skin.


A self-inking stamp can potentially produce thousands of impressions  as the ink pad is kept contained inside the body of the stamp . The ink pad can also be replaced when it dries out.




Traditional Rubber stamps however remain our most popular and best selling stamp choice. The reason for this is their versatility, what makes our stamps different from other sellers is that we adapt and make the engraving of custom stamps different depending on your requirements.  For instance for very fine detail stamps we engrave them a way that the base of the artwork is thicker this enables fine print quality impression, when stamping onto boxes, cloth or other thicker materials we engrave them around 3mm- 4mm deeper resulting in non bleed, smudge free perfect stamps every time.


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