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The cost-effective way to brand your packaging

Creating brand identity

Packaging stampers are the ideal way for small businesses to establish a brand identity. Society today is an incredibly visual one, with social media sites like Instagram and TikTok adding to the frenzy over things being deemed ‘aesthetic’ or not. We know through market research that the way a business is branded seriously impacts whether a customer will make a sale.  Strong branding for your business helps people naturally take note of it more than they would if there was none, it helps build a relationship with your customer. A business without distinct branding will not be as memorable to a customer.

If your business has cohesive visual elements it will be far more notable, it also helps create a loyal customer base. Strong and thoughtful branding strategies can create a connection between customer and business, it is not always about a logo but also what your company stands for. Branding allows you to build lasting relationships with your audience, which will  eventually turn them into loyal customers. 

Branding with package stampers

Stampit is the ideal supplier of packaging stamps, our self-inking stamps give reliable, consistent,  picture perfect impression time after time. They last for thousands of uses making it cost friendly. In the current climate, people care greatly about whether a brand is eco-friendly or not and our self-inkers hit the mark with this expectation. The majority of our self- inking stamps are climate neutral as standard. Our stamps when paired with your recycled cardboard boxes or bags, makes your packaging environmentally-friendly which will in turn attract more customers.

Our product range

One of our favourite self-inking packaging stamps is our ‘Take Away Large Self Inking Bag Stamp’, perfect for making an impactful impression. An Ideal kit for take-away shops, greengrocers and bakeries. Paired with eco-friendly paper bags, this is an ideal and economical way to help your brand stand out. Multiple design options are available whether you want just text, image or both as well as multiple ink colours available to completely tailor to your own brand identity.

Another customer favourite, is our ‘Self-Inking Loyalty Stamp’, perfect for enticing new customers but also keeping them! When customers feel positively about a business it ensures further sales and loyalty stamps are great for establishing a positive customer relationship. These smart little stamps are extremely convenient and easy to use. Giving a flawless impression for thousands of uses.

The round ‘Company Logo Style 2’ is another great self-inker for packaging, whether you’re a small business or an established one, this nifty stamp can be used to mark your logo on packages and thank you cards. Multiple design options are available, as well as fonts to completely customize your logo to suit your creative style.

You can get your own self-inking packaging stamp here at Stampit! Designed to your specification you can simply upload your design/logo and our team will get to work, fine tuning your design to make sure it’s perfect then it will be shipped from our UK based factory straight to you.

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