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Stickers are the solution to your branding!

How stickers can help your branding!

Stickers aren’t just for primary school children after they’ve completed a task well or a Well Done for being good at the dentist, but can also be an extremely effective method in branding your business. Stickers have been around for over two hundred years, with the self-adhesive variety having been created by Ray Stanton Avery in 1935.  Stickers are something that have become so common to us that we take them for granted as a form of expression and branding.

Stickers allow your brand to break geographical locations, with visibility on cars, laptops, backpacks, and water bottles. These everyday items being so common,  helps spread your brand to a limitless audience that might not otherwise be within reach. A lot of the time consumers subliminally advertise your brand through displaying it on mundane everyday objects.

Stickers can build consumer relationships

Whether your using stickers to brand your packages or as a giveaway item to customers after buying one of your products, stickers can help build a brand and consumer relationship, with customers being keen to display their favourite brands. If your branded stickers are thrown in as a freebie along with a thank-you note, it plays on the psychology of reciprocity. Free favours are not always self-less as they may seem, the idea of reciprocity refers to the exchange of favours for mutual benefit.

Your brand giving free promotional stickers taps into this, when we receive a freebie or small touch we didn’t expect, the brand leaves a better and more personal impression. Meaning customers are more likely to shop again and leave a positive review!

Stickers save money

Using stickers as a method for promoting your business is also cost-effective, especially when comparing them to other promotional modes. Stickers are cheaper than printed boxes and bags that you have to buy in bulk. Yes stickers are an effective solution to your branding woes and here at Stampit  they are completely customisable to your own style and brand aesthetic.

Custom Printed Stickers - Rounded Corner

Stampit’s stickers

Here at Stampit we provide a number of stickers for various uses. However, we have a beautiful range of business stickers that have been designed with stunning water colour illustrations that give a clean and sleek look. All of which are completely customisable.

Our ‘Floral Reef pastel’ sticker is not only pleasing on the eye but also cost effective, with 200 stickers for a cost friendly price. You can customise the text to match your business and also customise the finish of the stamp to matt white, glossy or transparent. The perfect style for any designers, florists, beauticians or bespoke small businesses.

Our ‘Custom Clear Stickers’ are also perfect for any business wanting to add those little touches to their brand, everything is customisable about this sticker, from the sticker shape, design, format size and quantity. This stamp is built for small brands looking to put their business on the map.

Our ‘Custom Printed Stickers - Die Cut’ are a huge hit with businesses that have a unique logo. The reason for this is because this particular stamp can be cut to any shape, fitting any alternative style and business. Completely customisable, simply upload your design then choose your material, format size and quantity.

Stickers can also mark big occasions

At Stampit we provide more than just stickers for branding, we also have a range of wedding stickers. This is a nifty idea for a creative bride looking to give that added personal touch to her invites, save the dates or even little handmade favours.

These wedding stickers are the greatest add on to a save the date invitation as guests can use the sticker as a calendar mark, reminding them of the wedding countdown. Guests close to the happy pair can also use the sticker as a keepsake to remember the day as the years pass on. The sticker marking a tangible form of nostalgia.

Our crafty brides who are fans of all things scrapbooking as we see is ever growing on TikTok and Instagram can use some of the wedding stickers as an added touch to their wedding book. Wedding stickers are also a money saver, which when planning a wedding is always a welcomed element. Showing you don’t have to spend a fortune to add a personal and beautiful touch to your wedding.


200 x 50mm Stickers | Floral Save The Date | With your Text

200 x 50mm Stickers | Rings Save The Date | With your Text

You can get your own stickers for branding purposes or for you special day here at Stampit!  Designed to your specification all you need to do upload your design/logo and text and our team will get to work, making sure your design is perfect and ready to use then it will be shipped from our UK based factory straight to you.





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