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Boost Your Branding With Paper Bag Stamp Kits

All businesses, whether small or large, need to show their business presence with as much branding as possible. One of the most effective, and practical, ways to do this is through packaging and bags. After all, a bag is often necessary for your customers to transport the goods they purchased with you as well as promoting your brand thanks to personalised bags.

For practicality, many businesses opt for plain plastic bags which is not only damaging to the environment, but it doesn’t do your business any favours either. With Stampit’s Paper Bag Stamp Kits, you don’t have to compromise quality for cost-effectiveness or lose your business presence. Our kits give you an affordable, eco-friendly solution to maximise your advertising and customer satisfaction.

How Paper Bag Stamp Kits Can Boost Your Business

  1. Stylish Quality

A customised bag looks infinitely more stylish than a plastic shopping bag. It provides a quality feel to the business as well as being able to support more weight compared to a flimsy plastic bag that will easily tear. At Stampit, we use advanced engraving techniques for our stamps so that every detail is crisp, clear and perfect. This will provide you with a professional, high-quality finish.

  1. Eco-friendly

Many consumers are now thinking greener and will support businesses who are eco-conscious too. Using recyclable and biodegradable paper bags shows your commitment to the planet which customers will love. Limiting plastic use in your business is a sure-fire way to attract environmentally-conscious customers.

  1. Credibility

Plain bags, whether paper or plastic, will do nothing for your business. However, customised bags with your personalised stamp will help to build business presence and authority. What’s more, stamped paper bags are still charming and authentic, making people look twice and hopefully remember your business.

  1. Cost-effective

Using a stamp kit to personalise your bag is a cost-effective way to boost your branding. As well as creating batches of paper bags for your customers to use with a purchase, you can brand a whole host of other items to with personalised stamps. From business cards to envelopes, product packaging to bookmarks.

  1. Reusable

A stylish and high-quality paper bag will likely to be reused by customers which will then ensure more people see your business branding. However, you can also encourage your customers to reuse their bag after purchase too.

 Just some reuse ideas include gift wraps and tags, compost collecting, weed prevention layer in the garden, flower pot cover or to wrap around a glass candle jar, ripens fruit faster, streak-free window cleaner and even to serve popcorn and snacks in for no-washing-up movie nights.

What Should My Paper Bag Stamp Say?

Having your business logo is usually to most common design for a stamp to build branding, but your stamp can also advertise your business in other ways too. If you are looking to boost your social media presence, you may want to promote your social media links. Similarly, if you wish to increase footfall, you may include your address. Depending on the tone of the business, the stamp could be funny, witty or the print could be a beautiful, intricate design, depending on what image you want to promote.

With Stampit, the possibilities for stamps for your paper bags are endless. Get started today here.

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