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Loyalty Stamps, Do I Need One?

Loyalty schemes work by offering customers incentives to continue purchasing from a business. The aim is to keep customers and show customer appreciation. I’m sure you can think of one local business you shop in that uses a loyalty card stamp. Perhaps you are considering introducing this to your business, or still need some convincing. This blog will outline some key facts about loyalty programmes including customer buying habits and then explain why this would be beneficial to your business. We will then give our product recommendations available here at Stampit to get you started on your loyalty card stamping journey. 

About 82% of businesses agree that retaining customers is actually much cheaper than acquiring new ones. This is because acquiring new customers can cost a business up to 5 times more than retaining existing ones. Some businesses are unaware of this and focus on constantly driving new customers instead of nurturing their current customer base. New customers or followers don’t always equate to more revenue. Industries loyalty stamps are popular in are hairdressing, car washing, hospitality, beauty and dog grooming.

Loyalty programmes are a must-have for improving customer retention, increasing brand loyalty, and driving growth in your business.

So, you are probably wondering what are the benefits? You don’t want to be giving away free coffees for nothing! One benefit is customers are more likely to mention your business to family and friends if they are regularly attending for their next stamp. They will become brand advocates and may end up asking friends to meet there or stop in on a walk with them.

Not all business have a loyalty scheme meaning it will set you apart from other similar businesses in the area/street. For example, if a customer likes the coffee from two coffee shops in their town but one offers a free coffee after buying 10, it’s likely they will choose to shop in the one with a reward coffee. The general public love a freebie, with Starbucks, Costa and McDonalds all offering a loyalty scheme, not having a system of your own could drive business elsewhere.

Another benefit is the low cost to implement this. You don’t have to increase your online marketing budget to attract new customers, just purchase your stamp and loyalty cards and you’re good to go! Once it is set up there is no ongoing work necessary, all you have to do it stay stocked up on cards and ink pads.

With customers visiting more often, they will become familiar with staff members and may even build up a rapport, strengthening the customer relationship. This could prevent them going elsewhere in future as they feel connected to your business.

Finally, customers are 50% more likely to try a new product of yours. Due to building up trust, customers will feel more comfortable buying new introductions to the menu or a new service you offer. This could ease the pressure and nerves of a new launch as you know you have a strong supportive customer base compared to a business who does not have a customer loyalty strategy. 

Here at Stampit, we have customisable options where you can create a unique design or upload an image of your choice. Get creative, they don’t have to be your standard designs, we have seen baguettes, burgers and pizza slices before. The more memorable the buying experience is for your customer the more likely they are to return. We also have stock stamps which are available to order with our most popular designs including a coffee bean, cupcake and even a paw print!

Below are two customer images shared via reviews showing their loyalty card stamps in action. From haircuts to slushy’s, they’re versatile and designed to your industry.

 Picture3 Picture4


As you have read, there are countless benefits of introducing a loyalty programme to your business. We hope this blog has prompted you to consider creating your own scheme to reward your customers! To help you pick right loyalty stamp for the job, we have chosen two of our favourites below, check these out to get started!

Our Recommendations

Trodat 4612 Trodat Self-Inking Stamp


This popular self-inking stamp offers a quick and clear impression. The closing cap makes it easy to tidy away in a drawer.

Traditional Wood Rubber Stamp

This Japanese inspired sturdy oak block gives a rustic feel to any loyalty card you stamp. If you prefer to use a stamp pad this is the stamp for you.


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