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Keep back to school organised with the Stamp 'N Stick

We all know the stress of getting everything sorted for your child’s new school year, buying all new uniform, a new backpack, a new lunchbox, a new water bottle and a fully stocked pencil case. Only for them to return home from the first day back to school and they’ve lost half of it!

According to the Express and Star Newspaper children lose 11 possessions per year on average. This equates to 143 items during a child’s time at school. The impact of lost property is detrimental on the environment, with most lost items ending up in landfill, however the financial implication of these lost items is staggering.

Wave goodbye to lost property and replacement items and hello to the Stamp ‘N Stick. The easy way to mark your belongings.

What’s included?

The Stamp ‘N Stick includes:

  • 1 green stamp with a black textile ink cartridge
  • 1 letter and number set with fun icons to allow you to design your own stamp
  • 30 durable stickers for attaching to tricker materials
  • 1m iron on fleece for better legibility on darker materials
  • 1 set of tweezers to apply your characters to the stamp

How does it work?

The Stamp ‘N Stick is a D.I.Y stamp, which means you create the unique impression yourself. Kid-friendly, the stamp enables you to change it up with different characters and icons depending on the application. A fun tool that your kids can get involved in, think of it as a back to school craft project that is going to save you money rather than cost you cash.


No need to worry about the ink rubbing off onto your child’s skin, the stamp ink is dermatologically tested, waterproof up to 95°C, machine washable up to 60°C when stamped on the fleece and dishwasher safe up to 75°C when stamped on the stickers.

To load the text plate simply use the tweezers and pop in your desired characters and emoji, unlock the stamp so it loads into the ink pad and you are ready. It’s as simple as that!

According to PR Newswire the most frequently lost items and percentage of kids who lose them are as follows:

  1. Hats and gloves 57%
  2. School supplies 52%
  3. Outerwear 43%
  4. Lunch boxes 36%
  5. Book bags 14%

The Stamp ‘N Stick is the perfect tool to keep your child’s item coming home with them each day. It’s great for marking fabrics, lunch boxes, pencil cases, water bottles, school bags, P.E kit, books, stationery and so much more.

Shop the Stamp ‘N Stick here and prevent your items being lost.

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