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Have you ever heard of a Pixie Stamp?

The days of having to check into a fancy hotel to get the enjoyment of elegant and personal little touches are over. These small details can really add to your experience such as folded swan towels, rose petals on your bed or even your toilet roll folded into a bow or point. With the invention of the pixie stamp anyone can add these little details, you only need to look at Instagram or TikTok to see this creative idea being used in many homes. With new and beautiful techniques emerging regularly, there are multiple ways to use a pixie stamp.


So where did it all begin?

The origins of the toilet roll stamper are not 100% clear but what we do know is that the term 'Pixie stamp' is the invention of Samantha-Jo Stark, owner of Pixie Dust Cleaning Services a UK based brand. After seeing other competing cleaning companies using stickers on their clients' toilet rolls, she decided to come up with something new, creative and eco-friendly. Samantha's work on pixie stamps began during the summer of 2017, then after sharing it with her Instagram followers in November 2018 it was an immediate hit. Customers loved the creativity behind it, being able to add a personal touch to otherwise mundane things really got people's creative juices flowing and soon the term pixie stamp was trending.


How to use the Pixie Stamp

To use the pixie stamp, take the corners of the toilet roll and fold one of the two corners to make a triangle. Place the now pointed end of the toilet roll back in place against the rest of the roll. Then press the tip of the toilet roll against the tap, for a few seconds, but don’t overdo it otherwise the toilet roll will become soggy. Once the roll dries, it will be sealed with the design of your choosing.

The pixie stamp doesn't need to just be for toilet paper, it can be used for paper towels or even paper napkins to give your dinner table a bespoke touch as well.

Where can I get one?

You can get your own pixie stamp here at Stampit! made from engraved acrylic to your exact specification, simply upload your design or use our design software to create your text.

All of our pixie stamps are handmade and shipped from our UK based factory.


I'm sold, what designs work best?

We recommend keeping the text, logo and image very simple. The simpler the stamp the better the impression will look embossed on your toilet paper. The most popular version of the pixie stamps we see making our way through our factory are monogrammed initials or simple designs such as crowns or smiley faces but as our stamps can be fully customised you can choose whatever you like.


To view our pixie stamp product, please click here.   

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