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Endorsement Stamps

It's the little things in life, like a rubber stamp, that can have the biggest impact. This may sound like a convenient cliché, but have you ever considered, that a stamp could not only save you time but also protect your precious cheques from theft? It is, admittedly, not the first thing that comes to mind thinking about something so simple as a rubber stamp, but once you start using a self inking stamp for your cheques, there will be no turning back. And here's why.


In order to make sure that your cheques are not usable by anyone but your business, you should start using an endorsement stamp to mark your checks with your bank account details. This is a convenient, quick and error freeway to process any cheque. There are some endorsement stamp requirements though, that you should follow, to make sure everything works as planned.


One thing to consider is what type of stamp to use and to check it regularly. If you use self inking stamps for your cheques, you should always make sure you purchase a good quality self inking stamp like a Trodat Stamp. Trodat provides unrivalled quality impression after impression. With cheaper brands there is a higher risk of damages in the rubber profile, that may make certain areas unclear or even unreadable.


Never forget that information is key. Just stating your bank account number on your endorsement stamp may be sufficient to get paid in most cases, but what if there's any room for doubt through any misinformation or deterioration of the stamp that you might have missed? Don't let anything be up to chance. Including your name, your business name and the bank name can help a great deal to avoid mistakes in cashing or depositing a cheque by the bank. It might cost you a few pounds more to actually order the stamp, but it could save you a lot in return.


You can use an endorsement stamp for both your personal and your company's bank deposit account. In eithercase you need to make sure your account number is clearly displayed in the cheque stamp's layout. If you're using it for you business, you have to think about how you want the bank to actually use cheques marked by your endorsement stamp. There are two main phrases to consider putting on your stamp. The first one is "For Deposit Only" which will force the bank to only pay the cheque's amount into your deposit account while "Pay to the Order of" will enable you to cash the cheque personally.


If you keep these endorsement stamp requirements in the back of your mind when ordering a self inking stamp, there's nothing that can go wrong. It'll save you time, money and make money loss due to theft or losing a cheque improbable. You can customize and order your endorsement stamp here.

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