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Custom Rubber Stamp How-To Guide

Custom Rubber Stamp How-To Guide


Are repetitive tasks beginning to get you down? If so, you may have already considered that a stamp could simplify that process, make lightweight of repetitive tasks and increase your output. You may be a small business owner looking to impress your customers by stamping your logo on packaging, card or paper bags, and with a rubber stamp, this can be achieved with ease

Here at Stampit, we have a customised stamp to fit every need! Choose from a self-inking stamp or go for a more traditional imprint you can select from our range of wooden rubber stamps with a separate ink pad. Regardless of the stamp you choose you may be a little unsure how the design process works. How do you create your stamp from scratch or even use our upload option.

Our online designer is simple to use but we will take you through the process in case you have any questions. This quick how to guide will take you through the steps and if you’re more of a visual learner you can watch the video tutorial.

 1)  Navigate to Stamps > Rubber Stamps and choose your preferred size.

I have chosen the 50mm Oak Rubber Stamp.


2)  You can either upload your layout e.g. your business logo or create a new design using our online wizard tool.

If you select create your layout there are many design options to choose from. Select clipart and choose an image you like from our collection. Then select the text tab to add in any wording. Select your chosen font and size from the list. Add a border, there are a variety of different border styles to choose from.

Move the fonts and image around to achieve your desired look.

  3) Once you are happy with the design tick the box, ‘I confirm that the information is correct’ and insert to basket.

4) If you choose to upload your layout, select ‘choose file’ and upload your image. select add to cart to complete the process.

5) You can now checkout with your stamp safely in the bag.

We hope you have found this guide helpful and are ready to purchase your custom rubber stamp. It really is a simple process and can be completed within a few minutes. Not to worry though,  should you have any questions about designing your new stamp please use the chat option on the site to speak to our team or contact us at




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