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Celebrate National Writing Day with Ex Libris Stamps


‘Ex Libris’ is Latin for ‘from the library of, used to indicate ownership, usually stamped on the front or back cover of a book. The history of ex libris stamps is almost as old as books themselves, the earliest known ‘bookplates’ date back to 1480, owned by a monk named Hilprand Brandenburg, who came from a wealthy aristocratic family from Germany. As a goodwill gesture, Brandenburg donated more than 450 volumes to a charterhouse in Bavaria, each one of his donated books had Bradenburgs ex libris stamp within it, noting his previous ownership of these books.

During this time, books were sacred and reserved for the wealthy, meaning the most common design was often a coat of arms or symbols that relayed the wealth of the barons and nobles in the 18th century. The bookplate illustration can also convey the persons achievements. For example, Charles Dickens had his personal bookplate with a picture of a lion directly above his name.

Today ex libris stamps show the owners personality – these can be as creative or traditional as the owner would like – often including the book owners name and a beautiful illustration matching their personality.


Why should I buy an ex libris stamp?

Ex libris stamps helps you curate your own personal library. It’s the perfect addition for book lovers across the globe. Ex libris stamps are an artistic and fun way to mark your books and ensure they are returned to their rightful owner! If you lend a book out to friends or family, an ex libris stamp will remind them where it came from. Stamps can also help save money and time: they are faster than writing and cheaper than labels or customised printing. Ex libris stamps are a fun and creative nod to the past and make the most thoughtful gift for the book lovers in your life. At Stampit we have a beautiful selection of ex libris stamps perfect for you or your loved ones!

Where to buy

You can buy your ex libris stamp here at Stampit, we have a range of creative of ex libris stamps to choose from.

  1. Select your desired design
  2. Personalise your text
  3. Keep it traditional with our reclaimed oak stamps or the self-inker (provides thousands of clean impressions)
  4. Choose the colour of your ink pad
  5. We will get to work making your ex libris stamp

Your new ex libris stamp will be shipped from our UK warehouse directly to you. Then you’ll be stamping your books in no time!

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