Trodat Replacement Pad 6/50 - pack of 2


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Trodat Replacement Pad 6/50 - pack of 2

Grab a replacement ink pad for your Trodat Professional stamps: 5200, 5430, 5431, 5030, 5546, 5435 and 5430/L to further extend their life. Say goodbye to messy ink pad changes!

Our innovative design features special grips that ensure a clean, touch-free replacement process, making it easier than ever to refresh your stamp's ink.

The ink is hygroscopic, this feature allows the ink to self-regulate by absorbing moisture from the surrounding air, preventing it from drying out and ensuring prolonged usage and consistent stamp quality.

The ink is manufactured with a water base and contains no toxic substances.

Pads are also available as dual colour red and blue, which are suitable for the daters only.

Each pack contains 2 ink pads, conveniently packaged in a blister for easy storage and access. 

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