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Are you a little confused as to what stamp you need? We don't blame you, we have such a large range of stamps that finding the one for your need for your requirements can sometimes be a bit of a maze, especially when there are so many varieties to choose from. Here is a simple description of the different stamps available and which ones may be better for your requirements.

 ...and don't forget we are here to help so if you get stuck you can give us a call, use our live chat or email us. 

1. Traditional Rubber Stamps   

These are simple yet effective. They’ll get the job done in most cases and are very versatile. They are made from clear cast green acrylic, in other words, plastic that would normally go to landfill)  they are very sturdy and versatile.

A separate ink pad is required for these types of stamps and that enables you to choose from hundreds of ink pads colours and pads for different materials. These stamps are simply great for use on different materials like cloth, wood, card stock, metal, plastics, glass and more as long as you use the correct pad for the material you are stamping.  We engrave these extra deep to ensure they never catch or get blotchy. 

Perspex Craft Stamps

2. Reclaimed Oak stamps

Very similar to the traditional stamp above but until recently were more commonly used with crafters; now however they have become our number one best selling stamps due to their eco-credentials. Every single oak stamp is made from reclaimed ex-railway sleepers, we dry the oak for 3 months, cut them to size and sand them down to make a beautiful oak mount. Our state of the art engravers complements these stamps with a high resolution engraved rubber capturing every detail of your design.  

wooden stamps

3. Self Inking stamps

Our Trodat self-inking stamps take away the need for an ink pad; they come with an ink pad built into the body. As you press down, the text plate rotates and makes an impression. These are perfect since they are mess and fuss-free, very easy to use and the ink pads are replaceable for every stamp we sell.

These types of stamps are best for office use, in shops and are great for taking from place to place as the ink pads are contained in one unit. The reason we sell Trodat over any other brand is due to their eco-credentials, their stamps are made from 97% recycled plastic. 

self inking stamps

4. Metal Frame stamps

Very much like the self-inking stamps above, our Trodat metal stamps are mess and fuss-free. They do however come in much larger sizes and also more robust due to there strong metal frames. These stamps are best for heavy use stamps and make ideal branding stamps for paper bags and boxes.   

metal body stamps


5. Pre Inked Stamps

What you need to make indelible impressions and professional stamp quality at any time. The stamps provide thousands of precise yet clean imprints and are available in diverse colours and shapes. Ink pads are not required to accomplish superior results; they have the ability to create over 50,000 impressions.

perma stamps

8. Pocket stamps

These are unique and useful stamps of top quality in their impression and made compactly to comfortably carry around in a purse or pocket. They are the easiest way to enjoy stamp functionality in a compact design. Most commonly used with doctors and nurses. 

pocket stamps



Things to Consider when Deciding on a Stamp

 When choosing a stamp, the first thing you need to do is consider the exact thing you are stamping onto such as paper, card, plastic or metal glass.

Can my logo or artwork be used on a stamp?

Not all artwork and logos work as a stamp. All artwork needs to be converted into a 1-bit monotone image. Because of this, some detail is can be lost, especially on multi-coloured or multi-layered images. However, our expert team is here to help. We know how to convert your image at no extra cost. So if you get stuck just get in touch; we’ll be happy to help. 

Cleaning and Looking after My Stamp 

Our stamps don't require a lot of maintenance.  The beauty of our stamps is their simplicity. However, when a stamp hasn't been used for a while the ink can clog up within the rubber dye making the impression a little blotchy or missing some detail. But this shouldn’t be a worry; using our specially made stamp cleaning kit you will get rid of those dried up bits of ink as you clean your stamp to look new again. We also recommend using it when using the same stamp as you change ink pads so that the old colour doesn’t get mixed up with the new. 

How Long to stamps last 

Our rubber and craft stamps will give you a great service for years. Eventually, the rubber dye will be worn out if the stamp is continually used heavily for years. But it’s not uncommon for them to last a lifetime if looked after and used correctly. Ink Pads for rubber stamps generally promise 3000+ Impressions and our pre-inked stamps can last for 10,000+ impressions. The good news is if you need new pads or ink we’ll provide it. They are also cheap to replace. 

Replacing Ink or Ink Pads

To re-ink an ink pad, have the stamp pushed down around a quarter halfway through the lock line before sliding the button in a lock point so that pulling out the ink cartridge is very easy. Only stop if a click is audible and have the ink cartridge filled up with the right stamp ink. Close it and give it at least a quarter of an hour before use.

To replace the ink pad, the same process as re-inking should be followed with the only difference being that the old ink pad is discarded and a new one takes its place.  Remember diverse colour ink pads are used sometimes to change the stamp impression colour. Ensure the ink has been wiped clean from the die of the stamp to ensure nocolourtransferring takes place to a different colour ink pad.   

 Hand Stamps & Safety 

There are diverse hand stamps to cater for all manner of events. This includes customising artworks and texts. They are fabulous for carnivals, amusement parks and nightclubs including any place stamping tickets and hands are required. Essentially, the self-inking stamps are inked using a safe water-based ink for the skin. Self-inking is available in diverse colours and can remain on the skin or hand for close to 24 hours. It easily washes off with water and soap. If darker ink colours remain a bit longer on the skin this is normal. There are also ultraviolet or invisible inks that indicate blue if looked at using a black light.

Large Stamps for Packaging

Large stamps for packaging in every industry out there exist. These stamps are popular today among diverse businesses to build brands by having the company logo or theme stamped on the packaging. Large stamps made of rubber are a great way of personalising printed packaging. You only need a personalised design, custom layout or company logo to make the largest rubber stamps.

Embossers & Embossing

If you would like to stamp a monogram, logo or address on a card or paper embossers are great for the job.  Wedding invitations and business cards are embossed to make them a bit classy while it's also the best way of authenticating documents like artworks, certificates and prints to minimise forgery and creation of illegal copies. These include round seal embossers that affix a seal on every formal document.  Stationery embossers are great for flat surface embossing and portable due to their compactness.

Stamping onto different materials

You can stamp probably on anything out there. There are all types of stamps for all manner of uses. With all manner of formulas, types and colours for inks particularly, you will find stamps using certain ink types, but regular ink is also highly used. Stamping can be done on circuit boards, PVC, plastic, metal, glossy materials and photos, especially using permanent inks. The important thing is ensuring you have the right stamp pad that goes together with a specific ink. Never mix diverse inks in a single stamp pad since no matter what material you use on, the result will be nasty and weird effects on your stamps and pads. Always be sure what material you intend to stamp before you get the stamp and the right ink for the job.

There are many creative and fantastic stamps to choose from that can be used in a simple way or in complex artwork or stamp on different materials such as wood, fabric, glass, candles to basic cardstocks. You might want to take the time and learn all the techniques of stamping on all manner of surfaces as well, depending on what you do, such as shrink plastic, acrylic, acetate, glass and tin foil.  

If you are unsure what type of ink you need for the material you are wishing to stamp onto, please get in touch. You can even send us a sample of the material so we can test it for you Free of charge. (P&P Apply if you require the material returned) 

We are Here for You

At Stampit we believe in giving you the chance to add your own unique flair and style and something more. We have custom stamps to fit any occasion under the sun with all manner of quality inks as well as wide colour ranges tailored specifically to meet your own unique stamping requirements. We'll get you a stamp designed only for your use with the ability to change from one colour to another as you might be inspired.

Our online tool makes it easy for you to design the stamp that meets the exact standards you have in mind, particularly if you are looking for a special and unique stamp or a stamp that would reflect your brand in its use delivered direct to your office or home door.      

Send us a Picture of How You Use Your Stamp

At Stampit we love seeing how your stamp is being put into use! Did you get what you wanted? Has it changed your business? Send us a picture today! 

And finally

There's a chance you haven't found what you wanted, or what you want is very unique. Whatever it is we have a dedicated team that can help you right away. Give us a call on 0800 112 3880 or Contact Us now and let us know. For More Tips and Tricks please visit the Stampit Blog









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