Cloth Marking Stamps

Dedicated Cloth Marking Self Ink stamps & a selection of Inksthat work great on fabric that can be used with
our traditional Rubber Stamps

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  1. Textile Marking Ink

    Noris Textile Ink 325

    • Colour:  Black Only
    • Use: For Textiles (Permanent)
    • Requires a Dry Ink Pad

  2. Cotton Bag Rubber Stamp Kit

    Cotton Bags & Rubber Stamp Kit

    This Amazing Kit is ideal for small packaging requirements like jewelry, keepsake items and more. Makes a great statement about your brand and products.  

    Kit Includes:

    1 x reclaimed Wood Stamp ( deep cut for cloth ) 50mm

    1 x Ink Pad ( Versa Craft) Black is recommended to help your logo and text stand out.

    25 x Cotton Bags - you can purchase more from us if needed. Bag Size: 10x15cm/4"x6"

  3. Childs Clothing Name Stamp

    Mark your children's Clothing

    Mark your children's school Bags, shirts, polo top PE kits and even inside of there shoes with our amazing permanent machine washable cloth marking stamp.

    With enough ink to last for hundreds of impressions this will keep you going all year and can be used year after year. When the ink runs dry simply purchase a replacement cloth marking stamp pad for £5.99

    No Mess, No fuss, no stichting. Ready to use as soon as it arrives.  

  4. Erasable Fabric Ink Pad

    Tsukineko Erasable Fabric Ink Pad

    Erasable Fabric Pad. Easily erase stamp impressions on fabric and paper with water. Apply to fabric using a stamp and to remove use a wet cotton swab and retrace the inked image. Repeat if the image retruns once the fabric has dried.

    Drying Times: Dries in seconds on cotton. Varies based on material, humidity, etc

    • DIY Cloth Marking Stamp

      DIY Clothing Marker Stamp With cloth marking Ink

      Mark Your Belongings with Your Name and Address Pack contains: Trodat Printy self-inking stamp with a built in textile ink pad 1 Set of 4mm re-usable rubber characters Fleece strip for stamping on dark garments Tweezers to create and set your own message

    • Cloth Marking Ink
      • Application - Fabric, unpainted wood, uncoated paper. 
        leather(tanned leather), unglazed pottery
      • Drying - Needs to include drying time for paper. Treat with heat source (dryer, iron or heat gun) for at least 15 seconds for permanence. Drying time varies based on surface/material, humidity, etc.
      • When heat setting with an iron, place a cloth between your project and the iron.
      • Ink must be heat set on textiles with an iron. It is recommended that the “cotton” or “high” temperature setting be used for at least 15 seconds. Lower temperature settings may result in decreased permanence.
      • After heat setting, items can be washed and images will remain (varies by fabric type.) Use hair dryer to heat set VersaCraft on wood and terracotta. Ink may wash out of fabrics prior to heat setting (some staining may occur.)
    • Self Inking Cloth Marking Stamp - 38mm x 14mm

      Cloth Marking Stamp 

      This amazing personalised Cloth Marking Rubber Stamp can hold an  Impression size of 38mm x 14mm. Can be customised to your requirements. At 38mm x 14mm it is the perfect size for a cloth marking stamp. 


      Comes with a black Cloth making ink pad. Ready to use as soon as it arrives. Please always wash brand new clothes / fabric  before using this stamp.

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