Business Branding Stamps

A selection of most frequently purchased business branding stamp ideas. Ideal for packaging, letters, invoices and more.  

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  1. Best Seller Stamp | Oak Stamp

    Best Seller Stamp | Oak Stamp 

  2. Special Offer Rubber Stamp | Sale Stamp

    Special Offer Rubber Stamp | Sale Stamp 

  3. Super Sale | Rubber Stamp

    Super Sale | Rubber Stamp 

    Highlight your sale items, packaging, leaflets and more with a simple yet effective Sale Stamp. 

  4. Satisfaction Guaranteed | Round Rubber Stamp

    Satisfaction Guaranteed | Round Rubber Stamp  

    Ideal Packaging Stamp made from 100% reclaimed Oak 

  5. Premium PIXIE STAMP - Made from engraved Acrylic

    Pixie Stamper 

    A unique way of leaving a sophisticated look. Debossed effect on toilet paper, napkins and kitchen towels.

    Our Pixi stamps are superior from the rest as we engrave acrylic leaving a much easier to use and 1st class finished compared the others out there.  Simply wet the acrylic pixie stamp and press onto paper. Simple as that. 

    There are some restrictions, however.  Please keep text, logos images very simple. The simpler the stamp the better it will look. 

    Keep fonts thin ( thick fonts do not work as well) and text must be PT 10 or above.

  6. Hand Made by with Face Stamp

    Hand Made Stamp - Self Inking 

    Each and every stamp we make is hand made, we display who made your stamp on each box we send. It adds a personal touch with a big impact on branding. 

    This unique Hand Made self Inking stamp is created with your own message, Instagram or Facebook or twitter tag and a portrait in the middle. 

    Size 50mm Round 

    Important note: Please ensure the photo you upload has a white background and good lighting.  

  7. Stand Out - Ideal Label stamp

    • Size: 45mm x 40mm
    • Enter up to 3 Lines of text 
    • Mount type: English Oak vintage stamp 
  8. Half Luggage Tag Design - Your text

    • Luggage Tag Design 
    • Your Custom Text 
    • Size: 40mm x 32mm
    • Mount Types: Self Inking or Vintage Oak 
    • Fonts Used: Milk Mustache - You can request your own font free of charge 
  9. Hand Made Stamp Arrows

    Hand Made Stamp 

    Size: 35mm 

    Choice fo Mounts: Self Inking or Vintage Oak 

  10. Dashed Get noticed Stamp - Your own Text

    Size 35mm 

    Mount options: Vintage Oak or Self Inking 

    Custom Text Font: Milk Mustache 

  11. Crest with Centre Badge & Custom Text

    Customise with your won text in centre. 

    • Font Name: moon Flower 

    • Size: 35mm 

    • Mounts: Vintage Oak or Self Inking 
  12. Hand Made stamp

    100% Hand Made Stamp 
    Solid Oak Stamp or Option of self Inking also 

  13. Happy Post Mail Stamp

    Happy Post Stamp 


  14. Thank-you for your order

    Thankyou for your order rubber stamp 

    Approx 30mm dia 

  15. Please leave a review stamp

    Please Leave a review Stamp

    Stock Quote stamp, approx 28mm x 28mm

    Ideal for marking letters, packages, boxes with a polite reminder to leave a review.  

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