Rubber Stamps Pads

Ink Pads for Rubber Stamps

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  1. Small Ink Pad 1 - 90mm x 50mm

    Plastic Ink Pad 80mm x 40mm for Rubber Stamps

  2. Medium Ink Pad 2 110 x 70mm

    Size: 110mm x 70mm - 4.3inch x 2.75inch 

    Suitbale for rubber stamps up to 100mm x 60mm

    Colours: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple and Dry ( Dry is for special inks that you can apply to the pad)

  3. Large Ink Pad 3 - 160 x 90mm

    Size: 160 x 90mm

    Suitable for Rubber stamps up to 155mm x 85mm

    Colours: Black, Blue, Red, Green and Purple

    Can Achieve thousands of impressions before pad needs replacing. 

  4. Large Metal Ink Pads

    Large Robust Metal Ink Pad for Rubber Stamps

    These Large Ink Pads are ideal for very large stamps. Available in 3 sizes and are shipped with 2-4 bottles of endorsing ink. Blue, Green, purple, black and red.

     Size 1: 220mm x 105mm, 8.6inch x 4.1inch / 2 Bottles of Ink 

    Size 2: 220mm x 143mm, 8.6inch x 5.6inch / 3 Bottles of Ink

    Size 3: 300mm x 220mm, 11.8inch x 8.6inch / 4 Bottles of Ink

  5. Archival Ink Pad Jumbo - Colour options available

    Plastic Ink Pad 140mm x105mm for Rubber Stamps

  6. 7011 Trodat Stamp pad ink, 28ml

    7011 Trodat Stamp pad ink, 28ml

    Endorsing ink suitable for topping up ink levels in self Ink stamps and also Rubber stamp pads. This is not a quick drying ink and safe to use on skin as well as non glossy paper / card. 

  7. Darwi Ink Bottles, 30ml (Choice of Colours)

    Ink 30 ml Turquoise. Water based ink, ready to use. High pigment concentration. Inter-mixable colours. Apply on watercolour paper, drawing paper, boards, etc. Can be diluted with distilled water for lighter colours. Clean the equipment with water.

    For use with Dry Pads

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