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Unique Wedding Idea: Self-Inking Rubber Photo Stamps


When you’re planning your wedding and you don’t want to do the same ideas done before. When you deliver your wedding correspondence, you want your guests to be amazed at your great ideas, and be encouraged to save the keepsakes. One great idea that can be utilised in many different wedding crafts are self-inking photo rubber stamps.




These stamps are like your traditional rubber stamps, but they’re better. First of all, you won’t have to worry about placing your rubber stamp on an ink pad as they are self-inking. This eliminates the mess associated with separate ink pads, making them much easier to use. These rubber stamps are available in a variety of ink colors so you can match your wedding theme colors as closely as possible: pink, red, blue, turquoise, purple, and more inks available.




Another unique quality of these stamps is that you can send us a photograph of the wedding couple, and we can transfer this image to a self-ink stamp illustration. So now the wedding couple doesn’t have to settle for a traditional monogram or floral design—unless they want to! We do still have the traditional rubber stamp borders, flowers, monograms, and other popular designs available. A wide range of sizes are available, and larger size stamps can be made.




These self-inking stamps can be used for save-the-date notices that you mail out to your prospective guest list so they are aware of when the wedding will be. These are sent out in advance of the official wedding invitations, which can take some time to get back from the printers due to complexity and design.




The ink stamps can also be used to decorate the RSVP cards that you’ll encourage people to return in the mail to you. These cards are important and can be collected together into a wedding album or wedding box, which can also be decorated with your self-inking stamp.




You can also use self-inking stamps in a variety of ways. Beside being used for notices, you can use them like a seal for the backs of envelopes. You can also use them for the fronts of thank you notes, and for wedding invitations.




Some other ideas include stamping the fronts of colorful treat bags which will be placed at each place setting. They can be used to make place setting cards, or for decorating centerpieces.




Another great thing about self-inking stamps is that they can be kept forever. It’s something that can be used for anniversaries in the years ahead, especially for milestone anniversaries such as 5, 10, 20, etc.




Please visit our website today to see our wide variety of self-inking wedding stamp choices. We have traditionally-styled rubber stamps or the custom photograph stamps. You may even find a few other uses for your photo wedding stamps not covered here. Photograph wedding stamps also make a great wedding shower gift idea that will surprise the wedding couple.


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