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StazOn ink pad is the market leading solvent based ink for rubber stamps. It has been designed to stamp on various different surfaces like glossy paper / card, plastic, glass, wood, metal, acrylic. leather juist to name a few.

The ink can be stamped on almost anything making the perfect match to our custom rubber stamps when you need to make an impression on something other than paper or card.

The solvent based ink dries between 30 seconds to five minutes (depending on materials)  making it one of the fastest drying ink for rubber stamp and come in a variety of colours.

They are a great compliment to our custom rubber stamps  and can be fully customised with your artwork or logo.

What are the steps for using a mark it all ink StazOn pad with a rubber stamp?

  • For StazOn metallic, gold, silver & bronze the inkpad comes un-inked. Take your StazOn ink bottle that comes with it in the box and add it onto the pad. Use a pea size amount to start of with and gently keep adding more.

  • Spread the ink out on the pad for it to cover the surface area.

  • Pick your rubber stamp and ink it up by pressing it onto the inked pad.

  • Take your card or place of choice and stamp it.

  • Leave for up to five minutes to fully dry.

  • Please remember to clean your stamp after use using a baby wipe to avoid blotchy impressions next time you use the stamp.

In conclusion, the mark it all ink StazOn pad is one of the best solvent based inks and ideal for craft projects and more.











Common Questions and answers.

Q: I am getting smudged impressions when stamping?

A: Normally this is because there is to much ink on the pad when using the metallic range that require inking. Please try removing some of the ink from the pad using a clean rag that you don’t mind throwing away until you have cleared some of the excess ink of the pad.


Q: How should I store my pad?

A: Best to keep the pad in a cool dry place and stored upside down, this will help keeping the ink on the surface of the pad so that it will last longer.

Q: Why do the metallic inks come with a separate bottle of ink rather than on the pad.

A: The metallic range of stazOn inks are formulated differently to the standard colour ink pads and dry much faster on the pad. Because of this and to help consumers get more impressions & value for money they come in a separate bottle so you can use the desired amount each time and then leave the rest in the bottle to use again when needed.


If you have more questions about Stazon ink please message us so we can help answer them for you.


Visit to get them in a wide range of colours.

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