What Makes Us Green?

  • We Give Back - There are a lot of organisations out there that are doing great work for the environment, one of which is Coolearth. Coolearth provides a range of solutions for hybrid production facilities and we donate 5% of every sale to them. We specifically chose Coolearth as they are not currently sponsored by any large corporations, which means there’s no risk of the organisation ethos being influenced.

  • We Have a Strict Eco Policy - At Stampit, we have a strict eco policy. Though we do sell products that use plastic, all of the plastic we use is sourced from specific suppliers who have recycled it. For example, the Trodat’s Self Inking Stamp is made from 97% recycled plastic. This is completely different to what many of our competitors do, most of whom use Chinese products that are not ethically manufactured. Though these products may be cheaper, they do not fit in with our eco goals and therefore we don’t sell them.

  • We Sell Vegan Friendly Rubber Stamps and Self Inking Stamps - All of the rubber stamps and self inking stamps that you’ll find here at Stampit are completely vegan friendly. This isn’t something that many of our competitors can boast about. Whether you are vegan yourself or you’re just looking to limit your use of animal products, you can rely on our stamps.

  • We Sell Reclaimed Oak Wooden Stamps - All of our wooden stamps are made using 100% reclaimed oak from a local furniture store. We purchase off cuts of wood from the store and turn them into high quality oak stamps. The acrylic used on our standard wooden handle rubber stamps is sourced from Green Cast, which is 100% recycled acrylic.

As you can see, at Stampit we take pride in being green. To find out more about being green or any of our products, get in touch.