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Our New Recycled wooden rubber stamps

The Benefits Of Recycled Wooden Rubber Stamps

Stampit are excited to launch our new recycled wooden rubber stamps to our already extensive range of stamps. So, what are recycled wooden stamps and why should they be the latest addition to your desk, craft box or retail counter?

What is reclaimed wood?

Reclaimed wood is wood that is recycled and reused as a sustainable solution for the eco-conscious customer. Typically, reclaimed wood will have previously been used in buildings and structures. Recycled wood is still strong, long-lasting and of high-quality. In fact, the tight grain of wood that has been recycled makes it especially resistant and hard-wearing.

What are recycled wooden rubber stamps?

At Stampit, we source all types of recycled wood to make beautifully stylish and eco-friendly stamps. Our stamps comprise of recycled wood sources such as oak, ash and pine. The wood used in our recycled wooden stamps will always depend on what wood is available to source sustainably. Instead of using new wood for these stamps, we’d much rather recycle wood from a range of sources to protect the planet.

The benefits of recycled wooden rubber stamps

  1. Style

Our recycled wooden rubber stamps are not only kinder to the environment, but they also look great too. The beautiful wood finish makes the custom stamps of any size look great on your desk. Furthermore, these stamps will be the ones you want to display proudly, rather than hiding them away in a drawer.

  1. Energy saving

It requires much less work and energy to refurbish and reuse wooden sources than find fresh wood, cut, dry and transport it. By using recycled would, you can dramatically reduce emissions associated with the timber industry.

  1. Reduce landfill

Sadly, much of the wasted wood heads to the landfill where it is burned. This causes a great deal of pollution as well as being a waste of energy. By using recycled wood, we can reduce the amount of wood heading to landfill or that is wasted.

  1. Completely customisable

Our custom recycled wooden stamps can be customised to suit your needs. Our custom stamps use our high-quality engraving technique to create the perfect stamp design with a sharp impression. Not only do our recycled wooden stamps look great on the desk, but they’ll also leave a fantastic impact on your artwork and text too.

Discover our range of custom reclaimed wooden stamps here.

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