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How we can help add that special touch to your wedding

Wedding rubber stamps

At Stampit we offer a wide range of custom-rubber stamps specifically for your wedding day. Personalised rubber stamps offer a tasteful and one of a kind look to your invites or envelopes for your wedding invitations. Designed with a sleek wooden handle for an easy grip our stamps create a clear, crisp impression time after time. We offer an array of different styles, fonts and completely customisable text, ideal for you and yours. A prime example of this would be our ‘Seashell Wedding - Rubber Stamp’ or if you have a specific design you have created you can also just use our simple ‘upload’ button.

Another one of our product offerings would be our ‘Save the Date Calendar Stamp’ this is a cute and unconventional way to count down the days to your wedding. Made for your guests to save the date this unorthodox wedding stamp includes an ink pad and free small heart stamp to highlight your wedding date.


Wax seal wedding invitations

Here at Stampit, we offer premium brass wax seals, which are the perfect addition to your wedding invitations. If you’ve spent any time browsing wedding and stationery trends, you would have come across countless envelopes, cards and paper products garnished with elegant embossed wax seals. The aesthetic is one that has taken the world of weddings by storm, it adds a regal and old timely look that has been a design staple for the last few years, and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Our customisable premium brass wax seals are of the highest craftsmanship to ensure a flawless application for years to come. Our customers simply need to add their design and our team will take it from there. You can also choose from our various premium wax in multiple colours to fit perfectly with your weddings aesthetic.


Top tips: How to get the best wax impression

  1. Hold the wax stick in your dominant hand and light the wick. It will begin to quickly melt. Try and keep as much accumulated melted wax on the stick before you let it drip.
  2. Hold the end of the wax stick over the exact spot you want your seal to be, allow wax to drip until you get a wax puddle that is the size of a coin. Blow out the flame and allow the last bit of wax to drip onto the paper.
  3. Then get your personalised wax seal and check the stamp face is in the correct position. Push the seal into the pool of wax. Try to make sure there is excess wax all around the outside of the size of your seal.
  4. Allow wax to cool for at least 30-60 seconds. Then gently pull your stamp away, revealing the design left behind.

Once complete, you will have striking personal wedding invitations that your guests wont be quick to forget.

Stampit is a great hub to achieve all your DIY dreams for your big day. We provide all the resources needed to help you add an intimate touch to your wedding. Putting you in charge and making the process simpler and as stress free as possible.


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