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How to make your Christmas more Eco Friendly with Ink Stamps

Christmas is a time for giving but as a result of this it is unfortunately also a time for excessive environmental waste. From wrapping paper to Christmas cards, there are many ways that the festive season can have a negative impact on the planet. One way to reduce your environmental impact this Christmas is to use ink stamps. Stamps are a sustainable and reusable alternative to many traditional festive decorations and supplies. Here are a few ideas for how to use ink stamps to make your Christmas more environmentally friendly:


Wrap your gifts with brown paper and ink stamps

Who needs bright fancy glittery wrapping paper? Not us! Why not opt for recyclable brown paper, grab some stamps and let your inner artist shine. Add a personal touch to your gifts with festive designs, messages or your own artwork in stamp form. Check out our reel on Instagram, creating some ‘Santa approved’ gift wrap.


Make your own Christmas cards

Ink stamps are like little eco-friendly elves that can transform your blank white paper into something amazing. Instead of buying Christmas cards from the store, make your own using ink stamps! Use Christmas-themed stamps like snowflakes, reindeer or Santa to add a festive touch. You can find these stamps here.


Personalise your Gift Tags

Create personalised gift tags by stamping your loved ones' names or heartfelt messages. Not only does it show you care but it also reduces the need for disposable tags. Shop our range of custom Christmas stamps here.


Say no to Disposable Decorations

Instead of buying disposable holiday decorations, make your own! Stamp festive designs on fabric bunting, reusable banners or even cloth napkins. Then these items will last for years and reduce the demand for single-use decor.



Eco-conscious Gift Giving

How could we forget, of course Christmas involves gift giving! Instead of focusing on making the packaging environmentally friendly, it’s important to also consider making more eco conscious gift choices. Why not opt for wine glasses, personalised cheese boards or even kids baking sets.



Let your creativity shine this festive period and let stamps be your guiding star toward an environmentally friendly Christmas. Remember, it's the small changes that add up to make a big difference for keeping our planet safe. So, grab your stamps, get crafty and have a Merry Christmas!


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