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How Ink Stamps are Revolutionising the Shift Away from Plastic Packaging

Plastic packaging has undeniably dominated the market for years, offering convenience and versatility. However, beneath its shiny surface lies a dark side that threatens the environment. From clogging up landfills to polluting our oceans, plastic wreaks havoc on our planet. In recent years businesses have moved away from plastic towards more sustainable alternatives like cardboard.

Why Switch to Cardboard Packaging?

As concerns about the environment increase, more and more people are recognising the detrimental impact of plastic packaging on our planet. So why make the switch?


One of the biggest arguments for cardboard over plastic is the biodegradability of the product. Cardboard is derived from renewable resources like wood pulp, making it easier to naturally degrade whereas plastic takes hundreds of years to break down and after this, still leaves many microplastics in its place.


Cardboard is also a more cost effective alternative to plastic packaging. As cardboard can be bought in bulk, a discount can be applied for the larger volume of materials bought. Costs can also be cut on storage as cardboard arrives flat packed, therefore it can be easily stored as to not take up a large amount of space.

Cardboard packaging emits a significantly lower carbon footprint that plastic due to its lighter weight. As carboard is a lighter material, transmission emissions are drastically reduced.


In recent years, consumers have become aware of the impact of plastic packaging on wildlife. Marine animals and birds often mistake plastic for food, which can be fatal. Whereas cardboard, poses less risk as it naturally biodegrades and does not contain harmful microplastics.


Therefore in the search for more sustainable packaging, cardboard is a clear winner, boasting many environmental advantages; biodegradability, low carbon footprint and safeguarding wildlife.


Helps communicate to customers

Packaging means more to consumers today as it is not just a protective material to encase your product, but in fact a means to communicate your brand.

Sustainable packaging is particularly important to consumers that are lucky enough to fall into the Gen Z age bracket. When purchasing products Gen Z consumers tend to focus on corporate responsibility, specifically sustainability. It’ll come to no surprise that Gen Z purposely avoid purchasing from brands that don’t have the planet at their best interests.


Making the change from plastic to cardboard packaging offers a host of benefits for both the business and their customers. Personalise your new cardboard packaging (e.g. takeaway boxes, coffee cups and bags) with our packaging stamps. Their versatility allows for customisation and enables businesses to establish a unique identity and leave a lasting impression on customers. Moreover, by opting for packaging stamps, we actively contribute to reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable business practices. Embracing the convenience, versatility, and sustainability of packaging stamps paves the way for a greener, more efficient packaging approach in today's world.


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