Stampit are excited to launch our new recycled wooden rubber stamps to our already extensive range of stamps. So, what are recycled wooden stamps and why should they be the latest addition to your desk, craft box or retail counter?
The cost of weddings is at an all-time high. In fact, in the UK happy couples spend on average a whopping £27,161 on their wedding. Furthermore, wedding experts recommend spending 5% of your wedding budget on stationery. With an average wedding of over £27,000, this means spending over £1350 on stationery.
Rubber stamps and self-inking stamps will both essentially give the same result on paper of your design, text or logo. There are times however when one is more appropriate over the other....
We use stationery and stamps almost every day of our lives and in this blog we want to show you why inks, rubber stamps and stationery have far more to hold your attention than just functionality and pretty designs. Here are some fabulous facts to help you see things in a new light....
Unique Wedding ideas by Stampit  
The market leading solvent based ink pad for rubber stamps. 
Why you should start using them and what to look out for