Wave goodbye to lost property and replacement items and hello to the Stamp ‘N Stick. The easy way to mark your belongings.
The days of having to check into a fancy hotel to get the enjoyment of elegant and personal little touches are over. With the invention of the pixie stamp anyone can add these little details, you only need to look at Instagram or TikTok to see this creative idea being used in many homes. With new and beautiful techniques emerging constantly, there are multiple ways to use a pixie stamp.
'Ex Libris' is Latin for 'from the library of', used to indicate ownership, usually stamped on the front or back cover of a book.
Hanko Stamps are the Japanese version of a signature, an ancient practice dating as far back as the third century when they were used by samurai and government officials.
Rubber stamps and self-inking stamps will both essentially give the same result on paper of your design, text or logo. There are times however when one is more appropriate over the other....
Why you should start using them and what to look out for