Wax seals have a long and interesting history, dating back thousands of years. They were first used in ancient civilisations, such as Mesopotamia and Egypt, to seal important documents and messages. However, it was during the Middle Ages that wax seal stamps usage grew. During this time, they were used by nobles, clergymen and rulers as a mark of authority and authenticity, often used to seal royal charters, treaties and other personal documents like love letters.
The material rubber was created in the 1839 after American chemist Charles Goodyear discovered a process to create vulcanised rubber, by dropping sulphur on his stove, with the heat of the stove activating the sulphur, turning it in to rubber, terming this process as “vulcanisation” after the Roman God of Fire Vulcan. 
We use stationery and stamps almost every day of our lives and in this blog we want to show you why inks, rubber stamps and stationery have far more to hold your attention than just functionality and pretty designs. Here are some fabulous facts to help you see things in a new light....