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5 ways you can use ink stamps for arts and crafts

The first World Design Day was held on 27th April 1995 as a way to mark how design can change the way we view the world, making life more meaningful and beautiful. Design as a whole is celebrated, with the hopes of inspiring and raising awareness about how valuable design is in everyone’s lives, even in the simple things like: tiles, wallpaper and a products packaging.

We thought we would celebrate the day by showing you how there are many different uses for stamps which let you get creative and add a bit of personality to regular products.


Personalise your save the dates

Upcoming nuptials? Get creative with designing your perfect save the date cards. We know weddings can be expensive so this is a cost effective way to include all essential information to your guests for your big day.

Why not add on a QR stamp for guests to scan and let you know if they are attending and their dietary requirements?


Personalise your wrapping paper

Why not create your own personalised stamp and get your brown wrapping paper and stamp away! This is a sustainable way to add a homemade feel to your gift giving no matter the occasion e.g. Christmas, birthdays and even Mother/Father’s day.

Why not get the kids involved putting their personal touch on a gift to their friends or family?

Check out our take on Christmas wrapping paper using this craft.


Perfect stamp for book lovers

Ex libris stamps are the perfect addition to any book lovers library. These help create a personalised collection for book lovers alike whether their collection is a few books or growing into their own library.


Cotton bag stamp

Create your own personalised cotton bags! Get creative stamping away your latest design on our sustainable and reusable mini cotton bags to store all your craft needs. These are the perfect gift for your hen party gift bags or even just as a storage bag for jewellery.

@gemsbyjoe stamping his impression on our cotton bags with the cutest bear logo!


Gift bags

This is the perfect party essential. Save the cost of individual  plastic single use bags and swap them out for our personalised kraft bags. Create your own personalised stamp for the occasion and stamp away! This is the perfect party essential, with an added bonus is that this ensures every gift bag can be recycled when the parties over.

We’d love to see your creations! Please be sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook.


Happy stamping!


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