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10 Ways To Save Money And Add Personality To Your Wedding With Rubber Stamps

The cost of weddings is at an all-time high. In fact, in the UK happy couples spend on average a whopping £27,161 on their wedding. Furthermore, wedding experts recommend spending 5% of your wedding budget on stationery. With an average wedding of over £27,000, this means spending over £1350 on stationery.

If you think over £1000 on stationery is too steep, we have the solution. If you’re looking to save money with your wedding budget and add personality to your wedding theme and design, then Stampit can help. With our bespoke custom wedding stamps, you can get creative and crafty with your wedding to put your own personal touch across the whole day.

Here are just ten of the ways you can get crafty with stamps to save money and add personality to your wedding day.

10 Ways To Incorporate Stamps Into Your Wedding

  1. Invites

Wedding invite stamps can be an excellent way to create your own invites but still give a professional and high-quality finish. Furthermore, you can add all the added touches you want depending on how personalised you want each wedding invite to be.

  1. Save The Dates

Personalised with your name and wedding date, you can create save the date notelets as quick as a flash and still have a professional and pretty finish on a budget.

  1. Place Cards

Incorporate your wedding theme onto place cards by using a custom stamp with your bespoke wedding logo. Alternatively, monogram stamps with the initials of the happy couple are a great little detail to brighten up an otherwise dull place card.

  1. Napkins

If you have paper napkins, then you can use custom logo stamps to add another personal touch to the wedding. For linin napkins, cloth marking stamps can help you to add another creative touch.

  1. Favours

If you present favours in boxes, bags or wrapped in paper, you have the option to add a stamp of your personalised wedding logo or tie in with your wedding theme. With Stampit, you can save on packaging entirely by presenting handmade soaps to guests, that have your wedding details stamped directly onto the soap.

  1. Cake bags

If you are sharing your wedding cake with guests or have a sweet table in place at your wedding, then personalised cake bags can be an ideal way for people to take a part of your wedding home. Stampit offers a paper bag stamp kit which is perfect for guests to take away wedding treats (or simply carry their shoes in after a night of dancing).

  1. Coasters

We think embossers are ideal for adding a final flourish to your wedding table with personalised wedding coasters.

  1. Table Names And Numbers

Make sure your guests know where to sit with customised table names and numbers. With a range of custom stamps, the world is your oyster when it comes to table name designs.

  1. Table Plan

We think luggage tags are a great way to present your table plan as you can quickly switch up the table plan if there are any last-minute changes. Furthermore, guests can then use their luggage tags throughout the day to put ownership on their drinks while they’re on the dancefloor.

  1. Thank You

Thank guests for sharing their special day with you as well as sending thanks for the wedding gifts you receive. A customised ‘thank-you’ stamp will make notes much easier to create so you can save time and make the most of newly-married life!

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