So youre now the proud owner of you're very own StampIt product, so here are our top key tips for looking after them, to make sure you get a perfect finish each time, every time!

Stamp Cleaning

keeping your stamp in tip top condition is really important, and here at StampIt we highly recommend using our very own stamp cleaning kit, available to purchase from the section 'inks and inkpads'

Alternatively we find that using a small amount of mild washing soap on a clean cloth and wiping it over the surface of the stamp will clean it nicely, and for any stubborn dried ink, a soft bristled toothbrush gently applied to the stamp will do the trick nicely.

Ink preservation and tips

Using a nice fresh ink pad is essential, as dried ink will not give a good finish. Over application of ink will leave your impression looking messy, so as a general rule we always say 'not too little and not too much', but practice makes perfect! Always remember to re apply the top of the ink pad after each use, and dont leave your ink in direct sunlight or on any heated surfaces.