46042 Multi Colour Self Inking Stamp - 40mm Round


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Product Description

Multi Coloured Stamp technology is here at stampit. 

Create vivid prints of your artwork / logo / text all in a spectrum of colour choice. 

Pads are replaceable as we create a unique code for each multi coloured stamp we sell. 

The Multi Color spectrum offers fifteen versatile colors that can be combined any way you desire. Design your stamp imprints so that they're perfectly matched to you or your company's personality! This will allow you to stand apart with your unmistakable personalised stamp.

Important Points: 

Two things to bear in mind for a technically flawless stamp impression:

  •   Differently coloured letters and symbols must be at least 2mm apart.
  •   A continuous colour field is at least 7 mm x 7 mm.

Continuous colours and colour blends are not possible (see demo examples on the left) 

  • Please select the correct amount of colours from the drop down, so we can price this accordingly 

  • A full proof will be provided to you before making this stamp via email within 24 hours 

Please ensure you look out for this or it could delay production of your stamp. 

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